Our vision

We strive to:

  • Create a secular, associative, international and open school.
  • Foster relationships between parents, teachers and pupils.
  • Develop a school recognised for academic and pedagogical excellence, preparing the adults of tomorrow.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer children a quality education in a multicultural context and to maintain the accreditation of the Agency for French education overseas (Agence de l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger, AEFE). Together, we ensure that our available resources are well managed. We actively participate in the school community, which is oriented towards the social and cultural development, and academic success of the pupils.

Our values

We are guided by shared values:

  • Secularism
  • Diversity and openness
  • Equal opportunities
  • Respect for all, by all
  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • Commitment and transparency
  • Sensitivity and critical thinking

Commitments of pupils, staff and parents

We are committed to living our values on a daily basis:

  • We speak courteously, openly and positively, without aggression, accepting differences and different points of view.
  • We are able to challenge ourselves.
  • We welcome students and actively promote their academic and social integration, respecting their individual development.
  • We are respectful of people, property and our learning environment.
  • We care for the environment to preserve the planet and the future for all.
  • We accept school rules, are punctual, and adhere to safety guidelines.
  • We actively participate in General Assembly meetings and, if possible, in other activities of the association. We recognise the voluntary work of the Board of Directors and committees.
  • We are committed to information sharing, transparency in the management of the school, and to the professional development of our staff.
  • We constantly strive for improvement.
  • We seek solutions and cooperate with each other.