Philippe Salis, Headmaster of Le Flamboyant International School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school's website.

Le Flamboyant International School will soon celebrate its fortieth anniversary! We are a well-established school here in Yaoundé. Initially affiliated to the Network of International Schools, Le Flamboyant became a partner school of the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (AEFE) [Agency for French education overseas] and so joined this worldwide network which comprises more than 360,000 students in 540 schools in 138 countries.

Wherever you go, you will always find a school in the network near you, and you can enrol your child without having to take a proficiency test.

Since being founded by a small group of parents in the 1980s, the school has developed rapidly. Thanks to the will of these same parents, the school has remained a close community; with a total of 150 pupils, and maximum class sizes of 17 pupils. Our multicultural community (25 nationalities represented) has led us to create a Charter of the Parents' Association of the school which I invite you to read here. It will explain our values, our commitments, and our approach to education.

The school comprises of nine grade levels: In lower elementary, Toute Petite Section TPS (2 years old) to Grande Section, GS (5 years old) and in upper elementary, Cours Préparatoire, CP (6 years old) to the Cours Moyen 2, CM2 (10 years old). At the end of their schooling, our pupils have the option of continuing their education at the French secondary school in Yaoundé.

The small class sizes are a key factor in the success of our school. As well as having a stable and well-trained teaching staff - thanks to high standards of initial and continuing professional development. This year the school welcomes two new teachers.

Our school plan is entering its second year, and we will be keen to implement the cultural and civic pathways which are the guarantors of an education that places great importance on respect, mutual aid and openness.

The school follows the French curriculum and has developed a unique English language programme. Thanks to an authorisation from the AEFE, English is taught in each grade at an appropriate level- a playful approach to teaching from Petite Section (PS) and a structured 6 hours per week from Cours Préparatoire (CP).

Because parents entrust us with what is most precious to them, we are aware of the responsibility on our shoulders. We do our utmost to provide a safe environment for all, where every child can succeed and enjoy learning.

Happy school year 2022 - 2023!

Philippe Salis