Le Flamboyant offers its pupils a variety of cultural events both on and off the school premises.

The Events Committee organises festive events throughout the year on the school premises such as:

  • Halloween
  • The visit of Saint Nicholas and the Bogeyman
  • A Christmas show with the presence of Father Christmas
  • Traditional celebration for Epiphany
  • Carnival for Mardi Gras
  • An egg hunt for Easter
  • A garage sale
  • A funfair and end of year show

NB: Le Flamboyant is a secular school and all these events are in no way considered as religious celebrations but are organised for their traditional and festive character.

The school also offers its pupils performances in the cultural institutions of the city, in particular at the French Institute of Cameroon with which the school has a partnership. Thus, the pupils regularly attend theatre, music, magic, clowns, circus and cinema performances.