Since March 2020, Le Flamboyant has implemented new sanitary rules to mitigate the spread of the virus:

  • A one-way direction of traffic to avoid crossing in respect of social distancing measures
  • A wider time range of entry to the school (30 minutes before the start and end of classes) in order to reduce concentrations of people
  • At present, pupils do not wear masks (this measure may be reviewed depending on the evolution of the pandemic)

In spring 2022 the taking of the temperature of each child at the entrance of the school was stopped and parents no longer need to wear a mask to enter the school to collect their children.

Nous avons cependant toujours des mesures d’hygiène renforcées :

  • hand washing before the beginning of classes and at the end of each breaktime
  • the installation of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in front of each classroom and room
  • regular disinfection of the premises

Le Flamboyant has also put in place a strict protocol on what to do in the event of a suspected or reported case of Covid-19 infection or contact with a person carrying Covid-19. This is available on request.