The Flamboyant elementary school is composed of five classes:

  • Preparatory Class (CP: Cours Préparatoire), 6 years old
  • Elementary Class 1st year (CE1: Cours Elémentaire 1ère année), 7 years old
  • Elementary Class 2nd year (CE2: Cours Elémentaire 2ème année), 8 years old
  • Middle Class 1st year (CM1: Cours Moyen 1ère année), 9 years old
  • Middle Class 2nd year (CM2: Cours Moyen 2ème année), 10 years old

The curriculum

Mastery of the French language and understanding mathematical concepts are the priority objectives of the elementary school. Curriculum subjects are taught in a cycle, lasting three years:

Cycle 2, or ‘cycle of fundamental learning’, from CP to CE2: in addition to French and mathematics, the programme also includes science lessons to question the world, art lessons (visual arts and music), learning another language (see English at school), physical education as well as moral and civic education.

Cycle 3, or ‘consolidation cycle’, includes CM1, CM2 and the first year of secondary school. Pupils consolidate their knowledge in all the areas already covered in cycle 2 and discover science and technology, history, geography and history of art.

The school values the diverse interests and skills of each pupil. Therefore, in addition to reasoning and intellectual thinking, observation skills, a taste for experimentation, sensibility, motor skills and creative imagination are also developed. 

The complete elementary school curriculum from the French Ministry of Education can be found here.

Support for pupils: Complementary Pedagogical Activities (C.P.A)

Set up in September 2013 in accordance with the directives of the French Ministry of Education, the Complementary Pedagogical Activities (CPA) organised at Le Flamboyant allows provision for those children requiring additional support. These activities take place in small groups on a theme chosen by the teacher and can concern all aspects of school life. They enable pupils to receive differentiated support, adapted to their needs and interests.

CPA runs throughout the year and opens for entrance and exit every two months. A pupil identified to CPA does not necessarily have receive the programme the whole year; his or her presence in the scheme ceases when their needs have been met. The CPA sessions are held before the start of classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.50am to 8.50am. 

Certificates issued to pupils at the end of elementary school

At the end of the school year, CM2 pupils will be able to certify the following skills:

  • Certificate of initial road safety education: progressive awareness of road risks
  • Learning to give first aid: know-how of gestures and behaviour adapted to first aid
  • English level A1 (discovery): at the end of CM1 (or end of CM2 for new pupils)
  • English level A2 (intermediate): at the end of CM2
  • Computer and Internet certificate level 1: ability to use computer and Internet tools

After Le Flamboyant...

For students in Yaoundé, the secondary school approved by the A.E.F.E. is the Collège and Lycée Fustel de Coulanges..

Please consult the website of the Agency for French Education Abroad (A.E.F.E) to find out about other approved schools around the world.