Le Flamboyant has chosen to offer an extensive English programme to its pupils at the rate of six hours per week so that the elementary classes have a weekly timetable of 26 hours instead of 24.

This choice reflects:

  • our desire to give priority to language learning from an early age
  • the fact that our host country, Cameroon, is a bilingual French-English country
  • English is the international language of communication

Une approche ludique de l’anglais est mise en place dès la Petite et Moyenne Section de maternelle à raison de 40 minutes par semaine puis, en Grande Section, le volume horaire d’anglais est de 1h30 par semaine.  À partir du CP et jusqu’au CM2, un enseignement en discipline non linguistique (DNL) est intégré dans l’emploi du temps. Par semaine, les enfants du primaire ont donc trois heures d’apprentissage de la langue anglaise et trois heures de cours en langue anglaise (arts plastiques, sport ou géométrie).

The CM1 and CM2 classes are streamed into ability groups, allowing each pupil to progress at his or her own pace in the learning of the language. The class teachers are assisted by an English teacher and an English coordinator.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the school aims to achieve an A1 level at the end of CM1 and A2 at the end of CM2. A test protocol for the A1 and A2 tests is in place for the CM1 and CM2 classes.

Find out more about the CEFR here.

Supporting Children with French Language Learning

The school is committed to supporting pupils whom their mother tongue is not French by implementing initiatives to ensure the rapid acquisition and use of the French language. French language learning is taught during the complementary educational activities (CPA) sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and also supported by reducing the volume of English lessons and adjusting the timetable, if that better meets the needs of the pupil.

A non-French-speaking pupil is not considered as a pupil in difficulty; his abilities and achievements are equivalent to those of his other classmates. He/she should only master the French language quickly so that he/she can access all areas of the curriculum, ensuring progress and success.