Le Flamboyant offers schooling (‘maternelle’) from the age of 2, with the aim of giving children a taste for school, starting them on their educational path.

Preschool is divided into 4 classes:

  • The Very Small Class (TPS, ‘Toute Petite Section’, 2 years old)
  • The Small Class (PS, ‘Petite Section’, 3 years old)
  • The Middle Class (MS, ‘Moyenne Section’, 4 years old)
  • The Big Class (GS, ‘Grande Section’, 5 years old)

The curriculum

In 2013, the French government reorganised the education system and created a single cycle for preschool. This emphasises the importance of Early Years education in building a solid foundation to ensure that each pupil reaches their potential. This cycle establishes the educational and pedagogical foundations on which the future learning of pupils is based and developed throughout their schooling.

Le Flamboyant preschool is a kind and caring school. Its main mission is to encourage children to enjoy learning, and to affirm and develop their personality. It is based on a fundamental principle: all children are capable of learning and progressing. By showing confidence in each child, the preschool encourages pupils to have confidence in their own power to act and think, in their ability to learn and succeed in school and beyond.

Teaching is organised into five areas of learning. Each is essential to the child's development.

"To mobilise language in all its dimensions" (1) reaffirms the primordial place of language in kindergarten as an essential condition for the success of all children. The stimulation and structuring of oral language on the one hand, and the gradual entry into the culture of writing on the other, are priorities for kindergarten and feature throughout.

"To act, express oneself and understand through physical activity" (2) and "to act, express oneself and understand through artistic activities" (3) enable the development of interactions between action, sensations, imagination, sensitivity and thought.

"To build the first tools for structuring one's thinking" (4) and "to explore the world" (5) aim to develop an initial understanding of the children's environment and to provoke their questioning. By relying on initial knowledge linked to their experience, the kindergarten sets up a pathway that enables them to order the world around them, to access usual representations and knowledge that will be enriched in elementary school.

The complete kindergarten programme of the French Ministry of Education can be consulted here.

Specificity of enrolment for the Very Small Class (TPS)

The minimum age for enrolment in TPS is 2 years old on the first day of school. An exemption may be granted for children born before 1 January, but they will only be accepted in the class from their birthday onwards. The child's physiological maturity must be sufficient to be compatible with school life. They must be daytime “potty trained" or about to become so.st janvier, mais ils ne seront acceptés dans la classe qu’à partir de leur date d’anniversaire. La maturité physiologique de l’enfant doit être suffisante pour être compatible avec la vie en milieu scolaire. Il doit être « propre » ou sur le point de le devenir.

Why choose a French “maternelle” international preschool for your child?

Suitable for young children and conducive to their development, preschool is the first stage of French education, playing an important role in preparing the future of the pupil.

The “maternelle” has become a specific feature of French education. We consider it important that children can develop, in a school setting and with fully trained teachers, the initial learning that will enable them to approach primary school with more confidence. This is why kindergarten became compulsory for all French children from the age of 3 in 2019.

By choosing to enrol your child in a French school from preschool onwards, you are giving him or her the opportunity to build the foundations of harmonious development in a caring environment, perfectly adapted to their age. You are also giving your child a smooth start to a solid multilingual education. 

This trilingual brochure below, created by the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (A.E.F.E), is made available to you in order to make you better acquainted with the French preschool abroad and thus help you make your choice.