Le Flamboyant International School has a unique management model: it is administered by school leadership and by parents, who are members of the Board of Directors.  

The Board of Directors

The school operates on an associative basis. A Board of Directors (BD) meets at least once a month and is responsible for the management of the school's human, material and financial resources. The Director is responsible for the pedagogical management of the school. Together we work for the well-being of our children by ensuring a high-quality education in a friendly environment.

The BD is represented by the Executive Board (EB) which is responsible for urgent matters. It consists of:

  • A president: convenes the meetings and formally represents the school
  • A vice-president: represents the president in case of absence
  • A secretary: organises votes at the general assemblies and takes the minutes of meetings
  • A treasurer: controls the school's cash flow, reports to the BD on the status of payments, draws up the budget and ensures that accounting procedures are followed
  • The Director: is in charge of all the educational aspects of the school

The General Assemblies 

The General Assembly (GA), made up of all the parents and staff of the school, is the supreme management body of the school. It meets twice a year, at the beginning and end of the school year.

The first meeting, at the beginning of the school year, is to present the budget for the next calendar year to the parents, to have it approved and to elect a new BD. Each parent can stand for election and the vote is confidential. After the election, the new Board meets to appoint the members of the Executive Committee. 

The second GA takes place at the end of the school year. The Director presents the pedagogical report; the president presents the wider report of the BD’s work; the auditor presents the accounts of the previous calendar year for validation, and the treasurer of the Board presents the mid-term budget for the current year.

The committees

At the beginning of the school year, from the first meeting of the BD, committees are formed. They are led by at least one member of the Board but can be made up in part by parents who are not members of the Board or staff members who wish to participate.

Voici la liste des comités actifs pour l’année scolaire 2022-2023:

  • Comité périscolaires et mini-camps
  • Comité des fêtes
  • Comité ciné-club
  • Comité travaux
  • Communication committee
  • Comité site internet
  • Recruitment committee
  • Comité perspectives immobilières

The list of committees is not fixed. Other committees may be set up depending on needs.

Everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the management of the school, either by joining the committee or by presenting their candidacy to join the Board of Directors.

Financial resources

The school's main source of revenue comes from tuition fees. The accounts are audited yearly to ensure financial transparency. To date, all accounts have been judged to be compliant. The school policies, as well as monthly board meeting minutes, can be requested via the secretariat.

Les membres du Conseil d’Administration élus pour l’année scolaire 2022 – 2023

Executive Board
Christian MEDYPresident
Betty PION Vice-Présidente
Bineta MBAYETreasurer
Hyunae DESPREZDeputy treasurer
Eléonore MARTIN-ABBOUDSecretary
Sophie HERTZDeputy secretary
Maximilienne NYECK
Associate members 
Philippe SALISHeadmaster
Marina BODELStaff representative
Ghislaine Joëlle ANDJÉ Staff representative