In order to provide a range of resources to support teaching and learning, we have put in place specific facilities within our school such as:

Interactive whiteboards

Designed and thought out for the classroom, an interactive whiteboard is the modern and technological version of the traditional chalkboard. Thanks to this attractive tool, lessons can be enriched in various ways and knowledge acquisition is facilitated.

A interactive whiteboard is equally beneficial for teachers and pupils as it is a truly collaborative tool, which favours interactivity and participation. The fun and interactive aspect appeals to the pupils and motivates them. They participate more and the class is more dynamic.

Since the start of the 2019 school year, Le Flamboyant has five interactive whiteboards for each elementary class (from CP to CM2) and all our teachers are trained to use them.

The Library

The Library is open to all pupils on a regular basis from Monday to Thursday, from 7:30am to 12:30pm. Pupils also come here in their free time to read, prepare school presentations, or do research assignments.

Following the programme of the library, several activities are offered such as storytelling, board games and book-related activities. The library is committed to educating pupils in the use of media as part of the civic education of future citizens.

The library has 2750 books, 90 magazines, 4 tablets and 120 CDs. Pupils can borrow a book for a period of one week.

The computer room

Created in 2012 and completely renovated in 2020, the computer room has 10 computers and a server. All classes, except for the TPS, go there regularly to familiarise themselves and manipulate the computer.

The sessions on the computer are always used as a tool for the teacher's educational project.

The classes go there once a week, in half groups, and spend 30 minutes there for PS and MS, 45 minutes for GS, 1 hour for CP, CE1 and CE2 and 2 hours for CM1 and CM2.

The certificate of the Computer and Internet Certificate (Brevet Informatique et Internet B2I) is delivered to the CM2 pupils to prove the level acquired in their capacity to use computer and Internet tools but also some documentary and ethical skills.

The multi-purpose room

The multi-purpose room is a room for body expression, physical and sports education (dance, rhythm, opposition games) and also hosts some extracurricular activities such as dance and music.